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Google's Best 3 AI agents on the Google Assistant platform

Featured at Google I/O 2018


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Our Mission

Starbutter AI was founded to help consumers get the best financial products available as easily as possible, in a marketplace designed for both learning and shopping. As consumers ourselves, we realized we had an easy solution to a massive problem: picking financial products. Shopping around for loans or insurance quotes can be more confusing than the cereal aisle.

Here’s the spending reality we live in today:

  • 47% of homebuyers don’t shop around when looking for a mortgage. That means that nearly half of American homebuyers are throwing away money that could go towards savings, college funds, vacations, and so forth.

  • 65% of holders carry a monthly balance on a high interest credit card.

  • 85% of consumers think people should have health insurance, when in reality only 62% do. People believe they can’t afford health insurance, when the truth is they just don’t have someone to show them how and where to look.


Our artificially intelligent financial agents solve a massive issue for you.  Let us do the heavy lifting so that we can teach you how to find the best financial products.

Our Approach

Our dream is to give our customers free chatbot advice so that they can take control of their financial health. In our eyes everyone deserves a helping hand to sort through the confusing jungle of financial products.


For example, we have financial agents like Credit Card Helper Caz, Mortgage Helper Morgan, and Car Insurance Finder Carrie who are fully equipped with an arsenal of credit and mortgage knowledge, capable of analyzing the best rates available to you so you don’t have to waste time shopping around. They’re here to teach, support, and treat you with the respect we often see absent in shopping for different financial products.


All of our conversational agents come ready to assist, educate, and inspire you whether you are looking for a credit card, mortgage quotes, car insurance quotes, personal loans-- the list goes on. All of our chatbots are designed to make learning about finance and managing your finances more enjoyable and easier to understand.

While passionate about the power of Artificial Intelligence, we are deeply mindful of not only its benefits but also its potential risks. Therefore, we carefully created a protocol that guides our work, and we encourage you to read it in our Ethics and Principles. Please also refer to our Privacy Notice.

Leadership Team 

Jean Alfonso-Decena

Head of Marketing Partnerships

& AI Operations

Pioneer in Conversational AI Design for Voice/Web Search and Digital Marketing. Previously managed dozens of global teams in IBM and a Boston-based SaaS media giant. 

K C Sreevasthavan

Data Scientist & Technical Lead

Python & AWS hacker. Builds and optimizes bots to serve users with a personalized UX. Former Chatbot Engineering Consultant for one of the largest digital transformation companies based in France.  

Andrew Sharo

Chief Data Scientist

Python/ML hacker; currently a PhD UC Berkeley candidate in Biophysics working to marry machine learning to big genomics data

Crushing It

Erik Partida

Marketing & Partnerships Intern

Meghana Khurana

Data Science Intern


Arun Rao


Former Co-Founder

Quantitative, algorithmic bond trader with $100M per day trade limit; previously wrote for the Economist

Owen Brown


Former Co-Founder

Python/ML and AWS hacker; Optimized thousands of websites generating $150M in revenue; formerly worked at UBS Wealth Mgmt

Our Story

Owen and Arun used to have an informal group of some really smart finance, legal, and tech geeks. We shared financial tips we researched in depth - ya know, a bunch of guys meeting on Saturday afternoons over beer to talk about the best rewards card or high yield bank savings account.  
We found that the web was filled with junk advice and product placements, not stuff that was really looking out for the average consumer.  It took an expert like a financial analyst or lawyer to distinguish between products to get the 2-3 best ones.  
Our friends and family constantly came to us for advice.  So we decided to build an AI chat or text agent to help people with this, like Samaneh, who understands web marketing, digital acquisition, and other stuff much better than we do.  We were accepted into and featured in three leading Bay Area accelerators: the Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator, Yodlee Fintech Incubator, and Founder Friendly Labs.
Starbutter AI featured at Money 20/20
Top 12 Fintech Startup
The 2-minute
Winning Pitch at
Startup Innovation
This BLOCKBUSTER pitch had to turn investors away

Award-Winning Company and Products

Google picked us as one of the best 3 chatbots (Actions) on their platform in 2017.  We are also the winners of LendingTree's $25,000 Startup Innovation Spotlight. Read the full story here.  

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