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Max has all your Mortgage Calculators.

Google Assistant:

"Talk to Mortgage Calculators"

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Things Max can do:


Teaches you knowledge about your monthly payments, and makes learning this easy, interactive, and fun.
Offers multiple calculators to figure out your current and projected monthly payments, PITI, refinance, and fees. 

Shows you how much you can afford to put down on a home, how valuable of a home you can purchase, taxes, insurance, and PMI.




Who the heck is Max?

Max is a voice and text conversational agent with an AI brain and a witty personality. He’s on a mission to help you calculate your finances.

What can he do?

Max is like your super smart friend who is really savvy about figuring out what you can afford. He’ll ask you questions and figure out what situation you are in, and then offers best practices so you can confidently navigate anything from calculating home loan to refinance payments. Max can also check in on your financial health to ensure you are on the right track when making big financial decisions.

How do I know his advice is legit?


Max is an AI super brain and works with a human team of finance and legal geeks. Max and his team consult and analyze all these sources in making their recommendations:


Major Credit Bureaus: Max has looked at the standards and reporting of major bureaus like Experian and TransUnion, along with the FICO research documentation, to figure out how to help you have clean and better credit.
Consumer Reports: A totally independent, non-profit testing agency that ranks hundreds of products every year.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): A government agency that collects millions of consumer reviews and helps people deal with their banks, card companies and other financial providers.  Max goes through about 1,000,000 customer complaints to the CFPB about financial products.

Top personal finance experts: Max has learned from the hands of masters like Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins, and the researchers at the Center For Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), the Financial Diaries, Nolo, and Personal Finance for Dummies.


Can I really trust Max?

We made Max for our friends and family as people bought homes. We want people to get the same advice we give to the people we really care about. Mortgage Calculator Max was build from the expert advice and tips of dozens of realtors, mortgage brokers, and consumers who went through loan processes. Our facts and logic are open and transparent - look at them and come to your own conclusions.


How does Max work?

Max uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology, trained from the advice of the best current personal finance experts. We use Google Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services and have our own knowledge base to answer questions.

Why does Max want to help me?  Does he get a kickback?

​​Max collects some information to customize his advice on personal finance, but he generally doesn’t want to know any private information. You can give him as much or as little information as your paranoid heart desires. Please read our privacy policy for more information.



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