Meet Ira

Your intelligent life insurance helper

Ira and his human team analyze JD Power, state insurance agency rankings, the CFPB, policy fine print and about a million consumer complaints.

“Ok  Google, talk to Insurance Helper."

“Alexa, talk to Insurance Helper."

Things Ira can do:

Find the insurance company with the best service and lowest cost policies.​

Avoid weak or marginal insurance companies that stiff customers.​

Help you find a way to avoid fees.​

Navigate with you around all the fine print.​

Help you figure out the best places and highest rates for basic term life insurance.​​

Find the good insurance companies, avoid the losers.



Who the heck is Ira?


Ira is a voice AI agent with an AI brain and lots of attitude. He’s devoted to help you save the most money and get the best returns on your insurance company savings.



What can he do?


Ira is a voice AI agent that helps you get the best term life insurance. He’s like your super smart friend who's an insurance geek and knows things like how to get the best policies.  He’ll ask you questions and figure out what’s the best coverage for you.  He won’t BS you.



How do I know her advice is legit?


Ira is an AI super brain and works with a human team of finance and legal geeks. Ira and his team consult and analyze all these sources in making their recommendations:


  • JD Power: The premium ranking service for consumer products like cars, bank products and credit cards.


  • Consumer Reports: A totally independent, non-profit testing agency that ranks hundreds of products every year.


  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): A government agency that collects millions of consumer reviews and helps people deal with their banks, card companies and other financial providers.  Ira goes through about 300,000 customer complaints to the CFPB about financial products.


  • State Insurance Regulators: This is the government regulator that examines insurance companies to make sure they are safe and stable.  




Can I really trust Ira?


We made Ira for our friends and family as people wanted simple and low-cost insurance policies without getting hit with random fees or excessive coverage. We want people to get the same advice we give to the people we really care about. Our facts and logic are open and transparent - look at them and come to your own conclusions.



How does Ira work?

Ira uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology.  We use Google Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services, and have our own insurance company account and savings rate domain-specific knowledge base to answer questions.


Why does Ira want to help me?  Does he get a kickback?

Ira likes to help people. It really upsets him when people get a terrible policy or leave money on the table for the insurance company to take advantage of you.  Right now he takes no money from anyone.  


Does Ira creep on me and collect all my information?

Ira likes to collect some information to recommend the best insurance coverage for your needs, but he generally doesn’t want to know your name or any private information (anything not relevant to an insurance policy decision).  You can give him as much or as little information as your paranoid heart desires.



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