Meet Caz

Your Credit Card Helper

Find the best cards in 2 mins. Get your card on.

“Ok  Google, talk to Credit Card Helper”

“Alexa, talk to Credit Card Helper”

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Things Caz can do

Gives you the nutrition label to credit cards - what you really need to know.

Find the best credit cards for your spending habits.

Compare cards on the fine print nobody reads.

See if there are better cards than what you have.

Get the most out of your cards.

See what cards you quality for.

Find the good card companies, avoid the losers.

Why we built Caz

We built Caz for our friends and families, who always ask us for advice. They loved it so much we're sharing it with you. As a bunch of finance, legal, and tech geeks we knew all the best credit cards and how to play the rewards systems to get the biggest bang for the buck. 

“Credit card helper is the evil stepchild of Google and Jarvis”



Who the heck is Caz?


Caz is a voice chatbot with an AI brain and lots of attitude. He’s on a mission to make junky credit cards go away.



What can he do?


Caz is a voice chatbot that helps you get the best credit card. He’s like your super smart friend that knows everything about something random. . . like credit cards.  He’ll ask you questions and figure out what’s the best card for you.  He won’t BS you.



How do I know his advice is legit?


Caz is an AI super brain and works with a human team of finance and legal geeks. Caz and his team consult and analyze all these sources in making their recommendations:


  • JD Power: The premium ranking service for consumer products like cars, bank products and credit cards. 


  • Consumer Reports: A totally independent, non-profit testing agency that ranks hundreds of products every year. 


  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): A government agency that collects millions of consumer reviews and helps people deal with their banks, card companies and other financial providers. Caz goes through about 1,000,000 customer complaints to the CFPB about financial products.





Can I really trust Caz?


We made Caz for our friends and family. We want people to get the same advice we give to the people we really care about. Our facts and logic are open and transparent - look at them and come to your own conclusions.



How does Caz work?


Caz uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology.  We use Google Cloud Services and Amazon Web Services, and have our own credit card domain-specific knowledge base to answer questions.



Why does Caz want to help me?  Does he get a kickback?


Caz likes to help people. It really upsets him when people get bad cards or leave money on the table for the card companies.  Right now he takes no money from anyone.  



Does Caz creep on me and collect all my information?


Caz likes to collect a bunch of information to help you find a great card, but he generally doesn’t want to know your name or any private information (anything not relevant to a card decision).  You can give him as much or as little information as your paranoid heart desires.


Does Caz have a website?


Absolutely. He can talk to you through voice or text or show you all his research. Check it out here.

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