Starbutter AI

Virtual assistants using voice and text chat
to help consumers pick financial products 

Starbutter AI

We're #1 in personal finance chat to help consumers find insurance, banks and more. 
Virtual assistants to help consumers shop for financial products 


Top fintech startup featured at Money 20/20

Winner of 4 Google awards

"Best Voice Assistant Award"

Featured at Google I/O 2018

Paying Partners

What we do
We provide consumers high quality information to make choosing the best financial products more enjoyable and easier to understand.
We help financial companies match the right products to their customers.
Our knowledge graph and database ranks companies using sources like: 
JD Power, Consumer Reports, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reports, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports, billing disputes, a million reviews, rewards quality, the terms of service, and insights from our expert panel.
What we build
Proprietary chatbots with a mission:
Move customers down the sales funnel, getting them to the right products, facilitating acquisition and loyalty. 
Domain expertise
We are finance, machine learning, and digital acquisition experts. 
Financial product acquisition bots
Our technical edge 
Our bots are built on a sophisticated NLP and machine learning core, with external layers, internal/proprietary tools, and a knowledge graph.  

Text bots

Textbot pilots show higher revenues via conversion rate increases. Small numbers translate to big bottom line changes.  

Voice bots

Launched the most and highest-rated interactive financial chat bots so far on Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
The Starbutter secret spread
Proprietary technology
for the financial vertical.
Optimized for conversion, engagement, and retention for financial consumers​.
Human-like interactive chat to inform and acquire customers using AI, and persuasive techniques.
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